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Narikel Vapa Pitha

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Bhapa pitha is one of the most popular pitha in Bangladesh , made of rice flour , coconut and jaggery stuffed inside. Surely the piece of happiness. It is one of the sweetest pitha.

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For us , the Bangali , winter is the season for “pitha-Puli ” . We have at least hundreds of different varities of pitha. Most of the pithas are either seasonal or occasional. Some are associated with harvest festival (nobanno) in winter while some others are prepared for any special occasion like wedding, eid or puja. Some are crunchy, some are steamed and some are so delightfully soaked in sugar syrup, molasses syrup , milk or date palm sap . Most of them are sweet, though there are some savory pithas too. Vapa Pitha is one of the winter season specials.

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