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Lobongo Lotika

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Flour, khoya, nutmeg powder, coconut (grated), ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves & sugar are the ingredients of this pitha.

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Lobongo lotika or loung latika is traditional Bengali sweet. This sweet consists of the filling, dough and sugar syrup. The dough is rolled out & the filling is placed in the center. The dough is then folded to enclose the filling completely & cloves (1 to 4) are pressed over it ensure the fold doesn't open up while preparing. Then its cooked in hot ghee till golden brown & crispy. In the end it is placed in the sugar syrup to cool down & absorb the syrup. The dough is prepared by maida with water & ghee to the required consistency. Syrup is a mixture of sugar and water, prepared by adding sugar to hot water & up to the required consistency and filling is the mixture of khoya, sugar & coconut (grated) are cooked & then added nutmeg powder & other dry fruits are added to it.

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